Airsoft Batteries Explained

Airsoft Batteries Explained

So you have chosen your shiny new RIF. You have picked all of your attachments. Got it protected in a nice tough hard case. Then it comes to powering your gun. But where do you start? Nunchuck or stick, 7.4v or 11.v, what charger do I need? No need to stress though, we are here to give you all the info you need to get up and running with the correct battery for your gun!

First things first, what type of battery should you buy?

NiMH or LiPo?

Generally each type of battery when plugged into a gun will work, however they all have different properties. Nickel-based batteries (NiMH) are older technology

Size: NiMH batteries are much larger than LiPo batteries. Both batteries can hold a similar level of charge, however a LiPo battery will hold the same amount in a much smaller package.

Battery Memory: Whilst LiPo and NiMH batteries can actually hold the same amount of power, LiPo batteries can be charged and discharged much faster. LiPo batteries are less affected by “cell memory” (which occurs when a battery is recharged before it is fully empty) than a NiMH battery. This can reduce a battery’s overall capacity.

Discharge Rate: The power output of LiPo batteries is steady throughout the discharge, whereas the power output of NiMH batteries starts to decrease soon after charging because of higher discharge rate of the battery type.

We recommend using LiPo batteries with all AEG’s and AEP’s that we supply. There are more sizes and shapes, they offer more capacity for the size and discharge in a much more steady way.

What size and shape do I need?

LiPo airsoft batteries come in all different shapes and sizes, and each gun takes a different type!

For a rough guide, these different shapes fit as follows:

Stick Type: Generally suitable for most M4 style rifles with a buffer tube stocks. Smaller sticks are also suitable for most AK style rifles

Slim Sticks: Generally suitable for AEG machine pistols, such as Ares AM-001 – AM-006, and other specialist rifles such as ASG Scorpion Evo

Nunchuck: Generally suitable for M4’s with stocks that open at the rear

PEQ15: Designed for PEQ Box mounted rifles. Generally suitable for Honey Badger and PDW style M4’s. Also used with a lot of HPA rifles

Remember, this is not an exact guide, only an indication.

What are all these numbers?

You will see battery specifications listed in a format similar to below

NUPROL LIPO 1100mAh 7.4V 20C

mAh (Milliampere hour) 

This is the capacity of the battery. Milliampere hourage is the measure of how much charge a battery can hold at any one time. The higher the mAh, the longer your battery will last!

V (Voltage)

The voltage of a battery refers to the difference in electric potential between each terminal of the battery. A larger difference in potential energy results in a higher voltage. In terms of usage in an airsoft gun, you will find the higher the voltage battery you use, the quicker your trigger response will be and the higher rate of fire will be. The negative to having a higher voltage battery is that it places much more strain on the internals of your gun, and can lead to the failure of your gun.

C (Discharge Rate)

The discharge rate of a battery is how quickly power can be drawn from the battery. Guns with higher powered motors will require a higher discharge rate to operate at its full potential. A higher discharge battery can be used on a gun with a lower powered motor as the motor will only take the power that is required, however the higher discharge rate can damage the capacitor in the gun, thus burning out your motor. We do not recommend anything above a 20c battery unless you are using a gun that specifically requires a higher discharge battery.

The best way to understand the terminology of LiPo batteries is to imaging the battery as a tank of water that you are using to fill up buckets of water.

Milliampere hourage is the size of the tank, thus how much water can fit in the tank.

Voltage is how many taps are at the bottom of the tank to drain water. The higher the amount of taps, the faster the water can drain from the tank, into the

Discharge rate is how large the opening in the taps are, therefore how much water comes out at once.

When determining which battery is right for you, think about how long you want the water to be in the tank for and how many buckets you need to fill. Just remember, don’t have taps that let too much water out, your buckets will overflow and you could even drown!



We hope this guide helps you navigate the minefield of airsoft batteries, however if you are still unsure, give one of the team a call on 01455 285605

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