APS Phantom Extremis MK7 Review

APS Phantom Extremis MK7 Review

When you work in large airsoft store, you see hundreds of weapons a week come in and out of the doors. There are constantly new items coming in, and I am told constantly that I must have so much restraint not to buy every other new weapon arriving. Today, however, my restraint wavered slightly…

The APS Phantom Extremis MK7 comes packaged in APS’ distinctive grey box. As I lifted the lid, a sense of excitement came across me.

As I took the MK7 out of the box, I could feel the quality of APS’ new offering. It’s refreshing to see a weapon that a manufacturer has put so much thought into.

Front End

At the very front of the MK7, there is a pearlescent purple flash hider with a glass breaker front end, which is screwed onto the anodised red 14mm CCW outer barrel. Surrounding the outer barrel is the aluminium M-LOK handguard, which has been beautifully designed, with cutouts and bevels adding extra depth to the aesthetics of the gun.


The upper receiver is where you can really start to see where APS have started cutting some weight out of the gun. Across the top of the RIF all the way to the metallic red claw style cocking handle is horizontal venting, which allows some visibility to the internals of the gun. Once again, different levels of bevelling and cutouts along with the embossed skull and <PHANTOM VII EXTREMIS> branding make this look like a really premium bit of kit. As the Extremis is Electric Blowback, if you check out the right hand side of the receiver you will see the Silver Edge EBB gearbox do its thing. Each time the gun is fired, the metal dust cover slides back and gives a awesome clacking sound.

The lower receiver and magwell follows on with the weight cutting. A skeletal magwell and even more bevels surround the red ambidextrous mag release. One of my favourite design features has to be the ambidextrous fire selector, simply for the embossed fire modes: NO PEW, PEW and PEW PEW PEW. The fire selector also has a bit of resistance to it, which stops any embarrassing accidental full auto moments. Under the fire selector is the once again anodised trigger, which has a mechanical, yet crisp feel to each pull.


Towards the back of the APS Phantom Extremis MK7 is a really well thought out battery housing. Instead of having to take the stock out to put in the battery, APS have put in a simple yet effective top cover on the housing, held in by a single yet secure pin.

One common complaint I tend to hear about PDW style stocks is the shape. Nobody seems to have made one which fits everybody’s body shape and play style. APS have designed a two piece stock to solve this problem. Out of the box, it features a 4 point locking stock, with a 120mm deep butt. A quick twist of a screwdriver halves the depth of the butt, giving an extra option to users. Another nice feature is the swivelling sling point on the base of the battery compartment. Something else for the lefties of the world!


The thing is, any manufacturer can make a pretty looking gun. A bit of colour and some funky angles can make anything look smart. So, I thought I’d stick a battery in and see if it’s performance is as good as it’s looks. I wasn’t disappointed!

The APS Phantom Extremis MK7 ‘s hi-capacity M4/STANAG magazine was loaded with Nuprol RZR 0.2g BBs and I dropped a Nuprol 1100 mAh 7.4v 20c battery into the well placed battery compartment.

I spent a few minutes setting the hop-up (located behind the dust cover) and started rattling some rounds through the MK7.

On our Acetech AC5000 Chronography, the Phantom Extremis fired consistently between 296 and 298 FPS. Whilst some people may scoff at any weapon below 300fps, this thing can really get some range! After finding myself a half willing volunteer from the Extreme Airsoft / The Department CQB team, I tested the real game accuracy of the gun. At a range of around 60 yards, the grouping on BBs was brilliant for such a short rifle. Even short bursts of full auto fire were finding their target on a squealing Chris!

Due to the size of the barrel and the short PDW style stock, manoeuvring the APS Phantom Extremis MK7 is a breeze. A few laps around our game site proved this, allowing me to dip in and out of cover without having to drop the rifle down or expose my whole upper body to take a shot.

To conclude:

Awesome styling. Check.

Well thought out ergonomics. Check.

Brilliant performance. Check.

Made Chris squeal like a little girl. Check.

Added to my own personal arsenal. Check

APS Phantom Extremis MK7 Mark VII Red Full Metal Blowback



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