AW Custom Deadpool Molon Labe 1911 Review

Whenever I am in the market for a new pistol, I look for something out of the ordinary. I look for something functional, but at the same time it needs to look awesome! A good place to start for inspiration is always Armorer Works. Everything that they produce has a unique look to it, and the AW Custom Deadpool 1911 is no exception.

First Impressions

Unboxing the gun, you see the standard Armorer Works packaging, plastered in customer support QR codes. Inside the box, you will find the owner’s manual, some sandpaper (I’ll explain in a minute) and below that, one sexy looking pistol!

When you pick the pistol up, you can feel the build quality straight away. A full metal body coated in a matte red & grey paint job, which has then been tastefully distressed. The phrases ‘MAXIMUM EFFORT” and “FRONT TOWARDS BAD GUYS ->” are emblazoned across the side of the slide.

The solid polymer grip is molded and coloured with Deadpool’s face. Included with the gun, as mentioned above, is some sandpaper. Armorer Works give you this to distress the grips to your taste.


With any RIF, performance is king! After filling up the 17 round mag with Valken Infinity 0.25G BBs and Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas, I took it to our test range.

Armorer Works’ brilliant internals shine here! With most gas 1911s with metal slides, gas efficiency tends to be a real sticking point. The combination of a heavy slide, a full metal body and a small gas reservoir tend to cause pistols to gas out. The Molon Labe allowed me to rattle through a full mag with only the last few rounds losing power.

As many readers will have seen, AW also manufacture a cracking 350 round drum mag that holds a huge amount of gas. Stick one of these in the AW Custom Deadpool, and boy oh boy can you have some fun!

After putting a full drum mag through the gun. the smile on my face was huge. Each shot was consistently on target, even when firing rapidly. The trigger pull is crisp and smooth, and the blowback really lets you know you have fired a shot.


After spending some time playing around with this pistol, I have fell back in love with the 1911 platform. Not only does it perform well, but it also looks awesome! Slide in the drum mag, and you have a monster of a CQB pistol!

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