OhShiBoom Impact Grenades land at Extreme Airsoft!

OhShiBoom Impact Grenades land at Extreme Airsoft!

Sick of spending £4 every time you throw a disposable grenade? Want a more satisfying bang the moment the grenade hits the floor? The Colour Shock impact grenade is for you!

What we love about the Colour Shock is the simplicity of it!


The heavy duty base holds a 6mm primer as standard, however 9mm primers can fit into the 9mm base, available separately. There are 6 large flash holes spaced out around base, so when the dropped the primer lets out a flash in addition to the bang! With the base being heavy duty, even after dozens of test fires (for review purposes, not just my amusement, I promise!), the chrome base still looks in great condition.

The centre section of the OhShiBoom Impact is where the magic really happens. The outside features a knurled aluminium grip, that is anodised in the colour of your choice. Inside the grip houses a super simple spring and firing pin system, which when the grenade is primed and dropped, forces the firing pin into the primer to make a rewarding pop, followed by groans every player in the room you fragged out.

The top section of the Colour Shock is where you prime the grenade. What we love about this grenade is the pull pin design to primer the device. As small a difference this is to other BFG’s, pulling a pin and posting it is much more gratifying than a simple drop. When the pin is pulled, the hammer to detonate the grenade pops up, and upon impact pushes down into the firing pin in the centre section.


In regards to using the OhShiBoom Impact Grenade, reloading and making safe is simple. To reinsert the pin, you simply push down the top of the grenade to push the pin back through.

The base unscrews easily to load a primer, then with a few twists is ready. Simply slip the primer in and rescrew. Fast enough to do in game, even with butterfingers like mine!

Compatible with 6mm & 9mm primers, your average bang only costs 10p after your initial investment.

To compare this with paper pyro, a MK5 Flashbang is roughly £3.50. 25 throws will cost roughly £87.50. 100 throws of a OSB comes to £84.98! Four times as many throws for less money!

Colour Shocks are now available in store and online and at £74.99 RRP including a 6mm base.

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