Colt needs no introduction, for all you real steel fanatics out there will know about this company, but for those who don’t here is a little insight.

Colts Manufacturing Company (formally Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company) is an Americans firearms manufacturer, founded by Samuel Colt in 1855. Colt is known for the engineering, production, and marketing of firearms, most especially between the 1850’s and WWI, when it was the dominating force in its industry and a seminal influence on manufacturing technology. Most commonly known for the major role in the revolver, although Colt did not invent the revolver concept, his designs resulted in the very first successful ones.

The jump to start manufacturing Airsoft rifles is a no-brainier for this well founded firearms company, steeped in history, manufacturing and designing, they bring their combined knowledge and expertise to this market.




With this rifle you get a high cap mag and a cleaning rod.

Opening the box I was impressed with the style of this M4 rifle, I am partial to a shorter style rifle and starting at 61cm at its shortest to 69cm to its longest with the stock giving you six different length selections, it’s certainly a more compact style.

It comes with its own suppressor which can be removed and changed to another anticlockwise 2cm in diameter style if required, however I do like the style of suppressor on this as it is.

Out of the box it comes with a foresight and rear sight, a little stiff on the release clips but a firm press on the back releases them into an upright position, or with the design they are you can leave them in the prone position as they come with added white dots on top. You can remove these with a small allen key as you have 29cm of picatinny rail on top to add an extra scope or any added extras such as a PEQ box.

With it being a compact rifle, you do get some room at the front for added extras, but at only 4.5” of quad rail space, it will be very tight to add a down grip or any grip style you wish but its possible, just make sure to get full measurements of any added extras so that it will fit correctly.

At only 1.5kg its certainly one of the lightest rifle platforms out there as the main body of the rifle is made out of high density polymer. As this is an officially licensed Colt product you get the stamps that you would find on a real steel rifle on the side of this rifle, it’s a nice additional extra to give you a ‘real’ feel when playing with this.

It comes with a crane stock, at the very back there are two clips and with a firm press opens up to the battery compartment, 2.5cm in width running down either side of the main compartment and 12cm in length you can fit a good sized battery inside with a tamiya connection.

What I particularly liked about this rifle was the easy access spring system, so for those out there who wish to increase the strength of FPS out of the box a simple screw at the bottom of the housing unit is easily removed and so can the internals, the instructions are shown on the manual that comes with it.

Taking the rifle for a test I placed a 11.1v lipo battery into the compartment with ease, on 0.20g BB I test fired through the chrono and it was consistently recording at 290/291 fps, not the biggest fire power out of the box, but in a CQB style environment where play is tight and close it fired straight and true. Changing the fire selector from single to automatic I was impressed with the rate of fire out of the box and the gear box sounded solid under the strain of fire. The groupings where not as tight as I would have liked in a 20cm window but at 20metres away it was very consistent and once I got used to the rifle itself I managed to get the groupings closer. As it’s a shorter based rifle the length of travel of the BB is not as far as some of its longer counterparts, but again this is a CQB style rifle and in this environment would be as reliable.



I like the look of this rifle, from the offical Colt stamps on the side to the suppressor and general look of the gun. Like I mentioned at the beginning I am partial to a shorter style platform and for myself the length is perfect.

I like the modifications that can be done to this rifle although not huge amounts of room for the enthusiast out there to add the extra mod cons to it, but with careful planning and adjustments you can add what you need on there. The power and range you get out of the box is a little under par with my expectations, however the gear box itself makes up for it, as it sounds solid and robust and held upto the test. But for a CQB style rifle sometimes power isn’t what you need as the trigger seemed very responsive and in quick style plays it isn’t about how far away you can get the opposition but how quick you are to react and for me this rifle meets my expectations on that. One of my slight other negatives was how stiff some of the components felt on the rifle, the switch selector for one and when placing in a new mag the hosing around where the BB’s feed in felt like it needed a little too much force, maybe a slight different style of M4 mag may fit better but for the one that came in the box, for me wasn’t the smoothest connection. For an entry level rifle into CQB style play this rifle would be an excellent starter rifle for those getting into the sport.




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