Secutor Bellum M9 C02 Blowback Pistol

Secutor Bellum M9 C02 Blowback Pistol

Para Bellum……(Go to war )

As many of the people who follow my reviews either on line or in Airsoft Action I have tested & reviewed all of the Secutor products since they emerged onto the UK Airsoft scene. Now in my humble opinion their first product the Rudis which was a 1911 variant was a great pistol with the OEM being KJW. However since then their products have been very hit & miss, the gas shotgun didn’t work very well and was plagued with problems as was the Gladius pistol but the springer shotgun wasn’t too bad but a touch pricey. Recently I was contacted by Lee from Extreme Airsoft regarding testing and reviewing the latest Secutor offering which is the Bellum. Now following on with their distinctly Roman/Latin theme Bellum is Latin for war which I guess fits in with the whole theme of Roman war. So I thought I’ve reviewed all their products so I thought it made sense to take a look, have a read and see what I thought of it.


Now one thing I do really like about Secutor products is they are always very well packaged and come with a few extra goodies in the box. One thing I noticed straight away when I got the pistol out was it’s weight. I have owned a couple of M9 variants over the years and they have all seemed to have a bit of weight about them and this is no different. If I’m really honest I am a great fan of the M9 albeit they seemed to be designed for larger hands which I don’t have but I do like them.

Also in the box was the allen key to secure the CO2 bulb in (yes it’s CO2) and a smaller allen key to adjust the hop (more on that later) and also a power down nozzle for the warmer climates. I like these little touches as do many others, anyway let’s take a closer look at this pistol.

A Closer Look

One thing I do know is this pistol is highly likely to be a KJW product and that does become more apparent the closer I looked. The one I was sent was finished in a really nice bronze colour that really jumps out at you and the finish is very nice indeed. In fact everything about this pistol feels quality, there’s a little bit of play in the slide which you get with most pistols and the mag does rattle a touch in the magwell but overall the appearance is very nice. It feels great in the hand, even small ones like mine and you kind of know this is well put together.

I then moved on to stripping the pistol which is something I like to do because let’s face it, what’s the point in a product looking good if the internals are crap and it doesn’t perform. Now one really frustrating thing I have found with other M9’s out there is the lack of an adjustable hop, I know WE have now changed that with recent models as have TM. The Bellum you will be happy to know does have an adjustable hop which is accessed via a small hole in the bottom of the hop unit. The little allen key that I referred to earlier is what you use to adjust it which is very straightforward. The other parts of the pistol internally are very well put together with a very sturdy looking nozzle and outer barrel set up. The safety has a very reassuring clunk to it when applied and the slide rails were nice and clean and served their purpose. I reassembled the pistol quickly because I was dying to move onto the shooting test.




Shooting Test

With the CO2 bulb installed which was very easy and the traditional style of install unlike the Krypton Factor Gladius mags I was ready to go. The BB’s I was using were Geoffs 0.25’s and after a couple of test shots to set the hop which stayed exactly where I set it throughout all the testing I was ready to put it through it’s paces.

The good thing was I was at a game at Swynnerton Army base that weekend so it would be great to test the range accuracy. Once the hop rubber had settled down I was getting a good 50+ metres from each shot and they were straight, very straight. I also passed it round some of the other players there who were all equally impressed. One thing you notice straight away is the sound it makes, traditionally CO2 pistols have a real crack to each shot but the Bellum has more of a subtle pop and a nice thump of recoil. Now as the Bellum comes with the usual threaded outer barrel which Secutor always seem to do with their pistols you could attach a silencer for that Spec Ops effect and this look is completed with an under barrel rail to attach a torch or laser module. The more I fired it the more I wanted it, the heavyweight feel along with the great noise it makes is really quite addictive. The accuracy was good too at 10 + 15 metres with a couple of inches between shots. On the chrono test with the high power nozzle I got an average of 342fps over six shots but it wasn’t exactly warm when it was tested so you will probably need to fit the low power nozzle in the warmer months to keep it site legal.


If you like an M9 and you like the feel of a heavyweight pistol then this is for you. Great sound with great range and decent accuracy makes this a triumph for Secutor, perhaps a hint to them about speaking to KJW more for future products.

Would I have one? Yes I have (big grin)

Many thanks to Chris & Lee from Extreme Airsoft for supply of the test pistol and to Rich Stevenson from Rhino for being my model in the pictures.



Review Written By Angelo Di Vito

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