Secutor Rudis CO2 pistol review

Roman Inspiration

So Secutor, have you heard of them? No me neither, or at least I hadn’t until a few months ago when I noticed their name cropping up within UK airsoft pages on Facebook. I started seeing pictures of a rather funky looking 1911/Hi Capa. This was combined with some nice cut outs in the slide and different coloured outer barrels and a removable thread cover sticking out of the front very similar to an MP5 but not similar to any other 1911’s. One thing that was very obvious is there was a distinctive Roman gladiator type vibe to this pistol and other products that we will come onto later. So I took it upon myself to have a closer look at this new player on the UK airsoft scene.


Secutor are a company based in Taiwan who are currently bestowing some very nice looking gas products into the UK airsoft market and beyond. Although they are not the OEM for the products I’ve seen so far they are putting their own Roman gladiator inspired touches to them. Read on to see if I think they are actually any good.

Time for a bit of a history lesson. The Secutor was a class of gladiator that wore very heavy armour due to the close proximity of the battles he would fight. The Secutor was the one with just the eye holes in his helmet and the protective metal shoulder piece. I always wanted to be that one. His battles would normally be fought against the Reiarius who was the gladiator with the trident and the net. Now I never wanted to be that one.

Now the Rudis which is obviously the name of the pistol I’m reviewing was actually some form of arena referee. Referee? For Gladiator battles? Who knew that they were even a thing? And it also the name given to the wooden staff that was used to separate the combatants prior to them ripping each other apart. So you’re getting the Roman vibe now I hope which is prevalent with all their products it seems. Right time to crack on with the important stuff……….The Rudis pistol itself.


I will admit after seeing some great close up pictures of the Rudis I was very keen to get my hands on it and put it through its paces. The day of delivery came and I eagerly ripped open the packaging to get to the treasure inside.

The box itself was a little bit larger than I was expecting but there was a reason for this. Inside the box is a high density foam insert with the cut out for the pistol and also the magazine. This is a great idea because you can simply drop this foam insert into an existing hard case or even one of the pockets on the side of your gun bag. Big thumbs up for this.

So what do you get in the box? Obviously you get the pistol and the CO2 magazine plus the allen key to lock in a CO2 bulb and you also get a spare fire nozzle (scratches head),but more about that later. And also the usual basic but required user manual, at least it was in legible English.

When I took the pistol out of the box I was instantly taken by the weight of it, very solid feeling pistol even without the magazine in. Also the magazine was very sturdy and very nicely finished off and the allen key, well that was just an allen key but not one made out of cheese.

The overall finish of the pistol I have to say is absolutely superb, it’s very similar to a Cerakote finish and has a very tactile feel to it. The slide is clearly very well machined and the cut outs are very smooth with no sharp edges or burrs. There are also some very nice markings on the slide including the name of the pistol and also some Latin phrases along the top. In addition to this the outer barrel has the usual calibre of the pistol by the ejection port and a very nice etching of a Gladius sword that is coloured to stand out more. And the cut out in the slide that reveals this also follows the contours of the sword, very nice!

Now as mentioned earlier the outer barrel extends beyond the slide and has a knurled thread cover that can be removed so you can attach a silencer and be all James Bond and stuff. You get the picture. Now at first I really didn’t like this as I am a bit of a purist when it comes to the 1911 and to me it just looked a bit odd. But the practicality of not having to buy an additional silencer adapter I guess out weighs this. The usual safety features are also present A La 1911/Hi Capa with the butterfly safety catches along with the beaver tail safety. And of course the very nicely marked up rear and front sights.

Strip Down

Now it’s ok that a pistol looks great but there’s not much point if when you look beyond the cosmetics it simply doesn’t perform. So out with a few basic tools and let’s pull this pistol apart.

Now I know that Secutor are not the OEM for this pistol as I led to believe that it is KJ Works who I’m a huge fan of anyway. The slide removal is typical of most 1911’s, push out the slide stop and slide it forward, no dramas there. One thing I instantly noticed was there wasn’t loads of excess oil everywhere which to be honest really gets on my nerves with some new pistols. Yes I know they have to be well lubricated for their usual long journey from the Far East. Perhaps it was because the people at Secutor had already stripped it to add their own parts and touches. One thing I did notice was there was a little bit of play between the slide and the lower when you hold the front of the slide, but I think that’s just because I’m really fussy.

The inner barrel which I believe is a 6.06 bore is easily removed from the outer and was the usual twist and pull affair which was nice and snug to minimise any of that annoying inner/outer barrel rattle. The hop unit was very sturdy which I’ve come to expect from a KJW pistol with no barrel twist whatsoever. Even the hop rubber was of a decent quality and was nice and supple so it should settle down very quickly after a few bbs were blasted through it. The hammer spring and reset were of a decent quality just like the rest of the parts. Onto the lower frame and again a very nice external finish with everything where it should be with a very sturdy mag release set up and an adjustable trigger, yes an adjustable trigger. Unfortunately the tiny allen key that was also supplied didn’t fit the grub screw used to adjust this but more on that later.

Shooting Test

Time for my favourite part which is getting some bbs fired down range. The CO2 bulb was very easy to fit, quick tip here, I always put a little dab of silicone grease on the top of the bulb so it keeps the top seal nice and lubricated and the seal airtight for prolonged use. Now the magazine is one of those slimline double stack mags that looks like it shouldn’t be a double stacker like the big hefty Hi Capa mags but it is. The capacity is 24 bbs, well that’s how many I got in so I loaded it with some Draft Club 0.28 bbs. Now that may come across as being slightly optimistic putting 0.28’s in but in my past experience of KJW hop set ups they are usually very good. I must point out that the hop was set at the lowest position for the initial firing test and would be adjusted to suit during testing.

Now the first thing you notice as soon as you pull the trigger is the noise, this thing is very loud. It actually made me jump a little but then I am quite highly strung. The kick is unreal and gives you a good old jolt right up your arms…me likey. As mentioned earlier the hop was set to its lowest setting but as I was using quite heavy bbs for a pistol anyway I did have to adjust the hop to get a nice and flat trajectory. But I will add the adjustment was very minimal, I had this pistol lifting 0.36’s with ease.

Over a 10 to 20 metre distance the groupings were as tight as expected from what is effectively a skirmish pistol and not particularly aimed at target shooting or practical pistol enviroment. Saying that the addition of a tighter barrel and a nine ball hop rubber I’m sure it would hold its own in competition. Next I thought I would see what kind of range I could get out of this. Now I can safely say I had it hurling 0.28 & 0.3 bbs well over 40 metres plus with ease. Obviously the accuracy suffers at that range but that’s no different to any other airsoft pistol. The trigger response is spot on as is the trigger reset. Now I mentioned earlier that it had an adjustable trigger but I’ll be honest I never touched it due to the fact it was more than adequate straight out of the box.

Next I loaded the magazine with 0.2g bbs to put it through the chrono and test the power as this is a CO2 powered pistol this was a very important part of the test. The results I got at slightly lower than room temperature were in the region of 330 fps +/- 10 fps which is very consistent for a stock pistol. With roughly 3-4 bb reloads to each bulb. Now if you recall earlier in my review I mentioned that the pistol came with a spare nozzle in the box. This is a low power nozzle with a restrictor fitted to keep the fps in check during the warmer months where the power could possibly get over some site limits. For me this is a really nice touch taking into consideration the new changes to the VCRA and firearms laws. Alternatively there is a green gas mag available for the Rudis. I actually tried a green gas mag out of another KJW 1911 and it fitted and more importantly it worked with the power at approximately 300/310 on Guarder Black. Again this will rise during the warmer months so make sure you keep an eye on it.

In summary the Secutor Rudis is very well put together and has a very nice finish to it with rock solid internals. The hop set up actually works and performs extremely well with good adjustment and control. The CO2 efficiency is good too giving you more time to shoot as opposed to gassing up. The addition of the low power nozzle is great but they may want to include some very basic instructions on how to change the nozzle as it is very simple. I also really liked the pre-cut high density foam insert in the box. Onto the things I didn’t like, well I’m struggling a bit here. I’m not convinced about the look of the outer barrel extending beyond the slide and I didn’t like the little bit of play between the slide and the lower but I am being very picky with that.

So would I own one? Yes I would, it’s a real heavyweight of the pistol market which adds so much to the realism. It’s loud, it’s accurate and has great range but most of all it looks absolutely terrific. What more could you ask for? So as a Roman emperor would do in the arena to denote a victory it’s a thumbs up!!

Big thanks to Marine at 020 marketing and of course Secutor for supply of the test unit.




Angelo Di Vito




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