S&T Airsoft Taiwan, known for their innovative designed and unique RIF’s have just released their new line of gas blowback rifles with three models (ST06, ST05 & ST08). These rifles set themselves apart from the ranks of other GBB M4’s and M16’s with their new take on the tried and tested WA gas blowback system. Whilst they still use the basic components of the system they have added their own improved gas routes, rolling cams and bolt stop function that has taken what was already a great gas system and made it truly rock solid.

These new models feature metal internals, rail systems and control surfaces with the upper, lower, grips and stock being constructed of light weight high, quality plastics – Metal upper and lower receives will soon be available for these in the UK as an aftermarket upgrade.

Chrono’ed on a 0.20g bb with an outside temperature of 1 degree on WE green gas all three models clocked in at 340 fps with 5% variation (very consistent for a GBB rifle). When testing for range I upped the weight of the BB slightly to 0.23g and 0.25g. The results were impressive and hitting a torso sized target at a range of 45m (even with iron sites) was no issue at all.

Adjusting the hop on these rifles can be a little tricky if you have anything apart from a two piece rail system as the hop adjustment is towards the front lower portion of the upper receiver where the barrel meets the barrel nut. Once you get to it however it is very easy to adjust with no tools and seemed to stay where I set it without slipping off like some other GBBR’s I have used. Hop rubbers for these rifles seem to be unique and they are not easy to find or cheap (coming in at £15 to £22 depending on where you look) so if you were thinking about purchasing one of these rifles I would make sure you have one of two hop rubbers in your spares box.

I’m going to be honest I didn’t know a lot about the WA system but after doing some research it would appear that the GHK platform is also loosely based on this system (with a few slight changes here and there) – after looking at these systems side by side it got me thinking, so of course I swapped over the mags to see if they would be cross compatible – amazingly enough both cycled and fed with the other systems magazines – meaning that if someone wanted to purchase an S&T rifle but already had a bunch of GHK mags at home then there would be no need to go out and buy more mags (and Vice Versa).

After a few basic searches on the net there seems to be a lot of aftermarket upgrade parts for this system, however most of them would need to be imported from abroad. G&P have been using this style of system on a lot of their GBBR’s so there are plenty of handguards, uppers and lowers to enable you to customise your AR15 until your heart’s content!

Overall I was very impressed with the rifle and at a price point of c. £225 retail with one magazine this would be a really great option for players looking to get into the gas blowback market but wanted something they can just pick up and play with that is not going to break the bank or leave them at a massive disadvantage on the field. Im currently running a WE GBB M4 but after seeing the performance and consistency on these rifles im seriously thinking about chopping in the old girl switching systems.

REVEIW WRITTEN BY The Airsoft Doc https://www.facebook.com/AirsoftDoc/posts/190691161515662

S&T M4 Gas Blowback Rifle (M4A1 – ST-GBB-05-BK


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