Anyone want another Teaser for Project X ???? ???

The site is based in the centre of Leicester. The gaming environment is played over 3 floors each floor being approximately 33’000 sq ft of concrete. This is 3/4 of an acre per floor. There are multiple stair wells and access points spread across the floors. The game modes played here are a new innovative concept which is not played anywhere else. With multiple stages and objectives, both physical and mental. Ever wanted the chance to build your own defences and structures to achieve your goal of solving project X? This is the place to be. Adaptations will take place on a regular basis so whenever you play it will be a fresh Project X to make your own.
This is not a one off event, this is a regular game arena played every Saturday and Sunday from 9 – 4pm.
We can’t wait. Can you??!!

More information and the 1st game date will follow very soon.


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