Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M

Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod M

Welcome to The mod-M World
Tokyo Marui are no strangers to the airsoft scene and are probably the biggest name out there so when they release a new product the airsoft world pricks up it’s ears. About 12 months ago I saw some promo pictures of a new TM product namely the new Scorpion mod-M. As soon as I saw this I wanted it as I was a huge fan of the original Scorpion VZ61 and what it was capable of. Now a month or so ago I was down at the Extreme Airsoft open day and whilst talking with Lee and Chris I noticed that they had a mod-M in stock so I asked if I could test and review it as I was picking up another rifle to review anyway. The man at Extreme he say YES!! So let’s get this going.

What’s in The Box?
The packaging and presentation was absolutely spot as always with TM products, very neatly laid out with the additional bolt on RIS rails, the gun itself and the battery cradle…….But no battery!! Now from what I recall the original Scorpion came with the proprietary battery as they very different to a normal battery. Now this really irked me and them batteries are usually quite difficult to get. Fortunately, Nuprol do a Lipo battery for it that is charged using the balance lead. I still wasn’t happy about no battery though.

Moving on I took the mod-M out of the box to have a closer look and a good fondle of it, me likey!! The appearance is very striking with the gold blingy bits following on from the theme of the Gold Match Hi-Capa I think it looks great.
Now this new SMG is basically the original Scorpion lower with a new fancy upper made from hi quality ABS/Polymer that gives this aged old SMG a totally different look. The stock is also different as it is the L shaped style stock that folds to the side and locks in place with a little button to release it to fold back out. The stock itself is very sturdy with no play at all on the hinge, in fact the whole gun is like that. The mag is also new which is I guess a high cap as it has a winding wheel on the bottom but only takes about 150 bbs. Again this clicked into place nicely with a reassuring click and had no movement at all.

Shooting Test
A couple of weeks after getting the mod-M I had a game coming up so it was an ideal opportunity to put it through it’s paces. So the battery was charged and easily fitted exactly the same as the old Scorpion and we were ready to have a go. I loaded the mag with 0.25g Draft Club bbs and set the hop which again is in the same place as the original VZ61. Now we all know that TM have little fairies that build their hop up systems and it was exactly the same here. This thing was sending the bbs out to 60+ metres with ease and it was very accurate too. The trigger is much snappier than the old Scorpion and the full auto fire rate is also greatly improved. The short bursts of full auto not only sounded great the bbs really grouped well together, I was getting rather giddy. I then handed it over to Rich from Team Rhino to have a play and he also got quite giddy, which is very strange for him. So I thought I would push it a little harder and filled the mag firstly with Geoffs 0.28g and then Geoffs 0.3g bbs and it lifted them with no problems at all. A big surprise was that the battery still felt strong after a lot of firing. Once the hop was set for the relevant weigh bb it didn’t need adjusting again and maintained it’s range and accuracy. The gun was still very solid with no rattles or squeaks by the end of the day so all good. One little niggle I had was the mag did not feed properly on full auto bursts sometimes but that will correct itself once the mag has worn in.
The results of the chrono test were 255-270 fps using Geoffs 0.2g bbs.

Is it this mod-M any good? Is it worth the price tag? Will it hold it’s own in any environment?
The answer is YES to all, this is an outstanding bit of kit that will hold it’s own in any airsoft scenario. The range and accuracy coupled with the greatly improved trigger response and fire rate make this a winner for me. Would somebody please buy me one?
Big thanks to Lee & Chris from Extreme Airsoft for supplying the test gun and to Richard Stephenson from Team Rhino in assisting with the testing.


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